Raila Odinga Scorns Donald Trump For The First Time

Donald Trump’s criticism about Africans and blacks in general has generated a backlash from the continent’s leaders as Raila Odinga directly attacks the US business tycoon.

Kenya’s opposition leader unleashed a sustained barrage of verbal attacks on the US Republican nominee, saying his policies are weak and can ruin America.

Raila Odinga added that Donald Trump also lacks policies in his campaign that are of benefit to Africa.

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Raila expressed confidence that Hilary Clinton, who is vying on a Democratic ticket, stands to win the November elections.

Speaking during  “The Importance of Democracy in Africa: Kenya’s Experience,” in London, Raila said:

“I don’t know if the Republicans have a policy on Africa. If they have it, I did not hear it.” 

CORD leader also said Africa still needs the goodwill from western countries to avoid dictatorship mostly on Africa leaders who find it hard to release power even when their tenure is over.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has been quoted to have made a host of racist remarks against Africa and her leaders. He once promised to send back blacks mostly from Nigeria and Kenya, citing deep-rooted corruption acts by government leaders.

However, from ages past, Western countries have always shaped African politics and leadership values because of trade ties that exist between them.

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They also ensure that third-world countries receive aid from rich countries in the Europe and Middle East. The ties are influenced by conducive humanitarian aspects and promotion of human rights.

Normally, African leaders or countries that exempt themselves from taking part in the necessary political engagements are sidelined and the aftermath is usually economic crisis.