Presidential Election Results

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga has given two conditions for him to accept the presidential election results if he loses.

It comes after State House and the Jubilee Administration pressured the opposition leader to publicly declare whether he is ready to accept Presidential results if he loses.

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The former Prime Minister said during an interview with NTV that he will accept defeat only if Al-Ghurair company does not print presidential ballot papers and all voters are identified through biometrics.

Raila said the Al-Ghurair company is improperly associated with the President’s family. He maintains that IEBC must now award the tender to another company to avoid the elections being questionable.

The opposition party had already taken matters into their hands and moved to court to stop Al-Ghurair from printing presidential ballots. The High Court obliged and canceled the tender, saying there was inadequate public participation.

The IEBC has, however, appealed saying it would need at least 50 days to make a fresh tender, meaning the scheduled August 8 date for the election will be postponed.

Raila disagreed saying the IEBC has enough time to single-source and award the presidential ballots tender to another company. He emphasized that in the past the commission used to just three weeks after the presentation of nomination papers to print ballots.

“This company seems to be the only one, according to IEBC, that can print the ballot papers. There is something sinister about this company,” said Raila.

“Some people ate commissions from this company so that they cannot do away with it.”

“IEBC still has time to have the ballots printed elsewhere. I want the country to know this,” he stressed.

Al-Ghurair was awarded a KSh2.5 billion contract to print ballots for all seats.

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On the issue of biometrics for him to accept the presidential election results, Raila said:

“If the EVIDS [electronic voter identification devices] function properly that will eliminate the possibility of ghost voters and dead voters resurrecting, voting and then going back to their graves… If we can get assurance from IEBC that is not going to be the case and that nobody is going to vote unless they are identified biometrically, then we will accept the results.”

He also said he does not mind if IEBC comes up with a proper mechanism to identify eligible voters whose biometric details may not show up on Election Day.