Raila Defends Hassan Joho, Replies President Uhuru

In response to reports that Uhuru Kenyatta ordered the closure of container freight terminals associated with the family of Hassan Joho, Raila Odinga says Uhuru Kenyatta’s administration is borrowing KANU-era way of oppressing opposition.

This was revealed in a statement released by Raila recently. He asserted that President Uhuru is doing everything he can to make opposition submit by shutting down the two container freight terminals belonging to Hassan Joho’s family for no just reason.  However, The Star newspaper reported that the freight terminals were shut down for being involved in smuggling of goods worth millions of shillings.

He argued that Hasan Joho is being punished for apparently not being on the same page with him especially when Uhuru Kenyatta visited the coastal region.

He brought back the memories of when Kenneth Matiba’s business was frustrated by Daniel Moi’s regime, saying Joho’s case is quite similar.

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Here Is The Statement.

About a week ago, the Governor of the County of Mombasa Hon Ali Hassan Joho stood up against the bullying tactics being employed by the National Executive particularly to bully governors from the Opposition.

This well intended challenge to the presidency which has the backing of the Constitution, was certainly not received well by the National Executive. Revenge was sure to follow and it has.

Yesterday, the government shut down two container freight stations belonging to Governor Hassan Joho’s family.

KPA Managing Director Mr Gichiri Ndua gave no reasons for closing the facility. It was done through executive fiat.

He added;

This development would not be so worrying if it were not for its echoes of a return of an old order Kenyans are only too familiar with.

This is not about the governor and his businesses. It is about the return of strong arm politics, intimidation and blackmail to fight the Opposition, individuals and communities into surrender.

It is a return of the old order of starving individuals and communities into submission and surrender.

It has sad echoes of the 1970s and 1980s when businesses were de-registered, slapped with hefty taxes and shut down because the owners were perceived to be anti government or unwilling to toe government line.

The shutting down of banks associated with the likes of Andrew Kimani Ngumba in the 1980s and the forced collapse of businesses of Mr Kenneth Matiba in 1990s come to mind.

In the end, it is the economy of the nation that is going to be crippled. It is the youth of our country who are going to suffer joblessness.

This emerging pattern must be nipped in the bud. Kenyans must stand firm and refuse to be blackmailed and intimidated.

I appeal to the Jubilee government to accept that Kenya is a multiparty state by law. That is not negotiable.

Let Jubilee accept that in a multiparty environment, we can disagree without being disagreeable.

Jubilee must put the interests of Kenya above self preservation.

A nation is in peril when all that the leaders do is plot and scheme how to subdue real or imaginary opponents.

Kenyans deserve an explanation on the closure of the two businesses associated with Governor Joho.

It is our understanding that the government should create jobs, not kill them.

We want an assurance in word and deed that the government shares this position.