Envoys and Kenyan religious leaders on Friday held talks with NASA leaders ahead of the controversial swearing-in of Raila Odinga on Tuesday.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga told the envoys, a day after telling the United States to stop interfering with Kenya’s affairs, that he was ready to face treason charges if that is what it requires to achieve justice.

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He said unless President Uhuru Kenyatta reaches out to him in person, he will go ahead with his swearing-in ceremony next Tuesday.

“Let them charge me for treason. I am ready,” he said.

Attorney General Githu Muigai had warned that what the opposition was doing is high treason which is punishable by death.

“The criminal law of the Republic of Kenya, in Article 40 of the penal code provides or stipulates that that sort of process, is high treason,” he noted.

Raila, however, maintained that he was open to dialogue on specific areas of security, the Judiciary, devolution, and governance.

“The leaders discussed the need to strengthen key institutions like the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission, the Judiciary and address the feelings of marginalization by some communities,” said a statement by the opposition leader’s spokesman Dennis Onyango.

“The discussions centered on the need for the government, opposition, and all Kenyans to engage in an open and transparent national conversation to address underlying issues that threaten unity following the recent elections.”

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The diplomats present at the meeting included U.S. ambassador Robert Godec, German Ambassador Jutta Frasch, and British High Commissioner Nic Hailey. The meeting also had representatives from the business community.

Ambassador Godec advised that Kenya must strive to uphold the constitution at all times.

“I stress the need to uphold the constitution. We urge the government, Opposition and all Kenyans to engage in open, transparent national conversation,” he said.

He went on to emphasize the commitment of the international community to help Kenya resolve outstanding issues raised by the opposition.