Raila To Kuria – I Pardon You For Assassination Remarks

Cord leader Raila Odinga has said he is no longer feeling resentful over Moses Kuria’s assassination remarks and on that note, has forgiven him unconditionally.  

Speaking at AIC Milimani during the requiem service for late Ngala Mwendwa on Friday, Cord leader said he is convinced that the politician did not mean the alleged assassination remarks where he called for his killing.

According to the opposition leader, the Gatundu South Mp played to his supporters as he was overwhelmed by a crowd. He added that he found himself uttering things he did not intend to.

He further said that Kuria would not announce his intention if he had actually planned to have him killed.

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He said his final farewell to late Mwendwa and urged the dead to send a message across his late father, saying:

“Kindly pass my regards to my Father, Ngei, Mzee Kenyatta and others and tell them that we are still strong, fighting for reforms in our great Kenya.”

Kuria and seven other Cord and Jubilee politicians are facing charges for hate remarks issued on different occasions.

They were charged earlier today at Milimani law courts.

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Raila was present at the court after being waited for by a crowd of cord supporters outside the court. He was allowed inside with just a few of his aides.

Kuria is accused of calling for Raila’s “assassinate” because he is a threat to the unity of the country.

His remarks at a thanksgiving were captured in a one and half-minute video, and have resulted in a court case, amid fears of violence in the August 2017 general election. As a consequence, the leader mentioned a few media organisations that will never be allowed to cover his events.