Raila Has Promised Never To Whine About Rigging Again

Raila Odinga has given his word to his supporters never to lodge a complaint or speak out against rigging the result of the nearing election.

Backing his resolution, CORD leader Odinga told his supporters that it is beyond the bounds of possibility to rig him out of the expected election. He added that this is because he isn’t ready to leave anything to chance and has devised means to deter any plans of rigging.

Raila said on Ramogi FM, a Luo vernacular radio station.

Just register, vote and leave the rest to me – but, this time round, am not coming to tell you my votes have been stolen.

Raila has been protesting about his victories being robbed in 2007 and in 2013. He hinted yesterday that there would be no more nomination disaster in his ODM party.

He had asked the ODM leaders to make sure the nomination is credible with famous people in the first row to contest opposition.

Raila also explained that ODM primaries would be conducted six months to Election Day,

So that in areas where people are dissatisfied, the process is repeated.

On Ramogi FM, Raila begged his supporters to obtain ID cards and voter’s cards in large numbers.

He urged them, saying registration is the only armor to hack out Uhuru from State House.

He further blamed registration for his previous failures in the presidential race, saying at least two million of his supporters did not vote in the last election.

Raila stated.

There were about one million people who never voted, another million people had IDs but no voter’s card and then there were people with no IDs and no voter’s card, yet they are eligible.

He described JAP as having “corruption in its blood”.

He cited that ex-Devolution Cabinet Secretary, Anne Waiguru, willingly left office over a Sh791 million corruption allegation but is now contesting for the Nairobi gubernatorial election.

According to Raila,

Corruption cannot end under the Jubilee government. It is the way they live. Corruption is what they know. That is what they learnt under Kanu. The only cure available to Kenyans is to prepare and vote out Jubilee.

Raila and other ODM officials held talks about anti-rigging mechanisms during a strategy meeting two weeks ago. The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) officials discussed introducing a tallying system to be used in the election. This, they said, is the only mechanism that will yield a free and fair result in the election.

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Besides using a parallel electronic vote tallying system, Raila and the Cord members plan to train and mount party agents in every polling center across the country.

The agents will be given mobile phones with which to use in transmitting or streaming to the public tallying centre pictures of every result announced.

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