What Is The #BabaChallenge?

Out with the Museveni M7 Challenge and in with the Baba Challenge which has taken online users in Kenya by storm.

A few months ago, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was pictured making a phone call by the side of the road as his motorcade waited for him, which raised a number of questions.

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Many wondered what urgent national issue needed attention while orders speculated that it was just a publicity stunt by the head of state. It was however received well by social media users as the M7 Challenge was kicked off.

Social media users uploaded photos of them by the road side making a phone call to imitate the head of state.

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Fast forward to a few weeks later and there is a new challenge inspired by opposition leader, Raila Odinga.

Raila was pictured speaking on the phone beside his own motorcade and absentmindedly hung his left leg on the car tyre. Kenyans have taken his photo and turned it into a hashtag challenge called the Baba Challenge.

Baba Challenge

Raila is on the campaign trail and is hoping to be elected President in the forthcoming general elections. It is not far fetched to speculate that this Baba Challenge is a publicity stunt.

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Kenyans have however picked up from where they left off with a variety of interpretations. Here are a few of the best ones..

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This is not Raila’s first foray into the online world. He has previously inspired a number of hashtags in the past most recently the #BabaWhileYouWereAway tag in 2014.

The hashtag went viral following Raila Odinga’s return to Kenya after a three month holiday in the United States.