‘I Am Disappointed’ – Raila Odinga Fires Back At Elections Observers

National Super Alliance presidential candidate Raila Odinga is firing back at former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and other Kenyan elections observers who said the August 8 polls were credible.

In an interview with CNN on Thursday evening, Mr. Odinga said he was disappointed with the observers who concentrated on voting and tallying but not the transmission of the results.

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“I think that the observers have not helped Kenyans resolve this dispute. They have confounded it by giving basically an approval to a fairly flawed process… and therefore I am very disappointed with John Kerry and the other observers.”

John Kerry, the head of the Carter Centre observer mission had told CNN that all nine international observers agreed that the process of carrying out the elections was “quite positive”.

“The tallying is ongoing but we believe that the elections commission in Kenya has put in place a process that will allow each and every vote integrity to be proven and to be protected.”

“…..There is a way to go back, if anything was changed, if anything was fiddled with, to absolutely ascertain what happened in the polling station.” 

Mr. Kerry said it is important for the tallying process to be completed for the IEBC to show Kenyans how they conducted elections that is accountable.

He said anyone with concerns afterward should follow the rule of law and go through the court process.

“I believe that there is great legitimacy in the basic process, the question that now has to be tested is, did everybody follow it, and has it in fact, somebody attempted to alter it at any stage.”

Raila Odinga is currently trailing incumbent president Uhuru Kenyatta by over a million votes according to numbers transmitted by the electoral agency.

By 11 am on Friday, the commission’s portal showed Uhuru had 8,170,016 votes (54.26 percent) and Raila 6,754,173 votes (44.85 percent).

The opposition has, however, declared Mr. Odinga winner and have demanded that the electoral agency name Raila president, saying his votes numbered 8.04 million and Uhuru’s 7.7 million.

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It’s declaration and call for mass action from its supporters has led to protests and violence in some parts of the country on Wednesday and Thursday.

Mr. Odinga told CNN he does not want to see violence and appealed to his supporters to remain calm. He, however, said he does not control anyone adding that people want justice.

“We know the consequences of 2007 and we do not want to see a repeat of that anymore.”