Raila Odinga Invites President Uhuru To Join Opposition’s Okoa Kenya Initiative

Raila Odinga recently told President Uhuru Kenyatta to join the Opposition in calls to amend the Constitution. The CORD co-principal noted that Kenya’s many challenges needs nothing but combined efforts and determination of the Government and the Opposition to be addressed.

Delivering the speech following his return from the UK a few days ago where he attended the launch of a book for Jean-Marie Seroney in Oxford University, Raila demanded that the President should join the Opposition’s Okoa Kenya initiative to ammend the Constitution right so it will address the things that are very relevant to the nation.

According to him, the numerous problems which weigh on Kenya including the out of hand corruption cases indicate that the country has missed its appropriate direction and so suggested that the president should welcome the agreement or cooperation of the two political parties who usually oppose each other’s policies in thrashing the challenges. In his words:

In Africa, it has never been a weakness to ask the way. Let’s do it. Mr President, we are here to help.

He went further to say that even without providing a platform whereby people’s opinion will be counted to measure up what they have to say, it is obvious that Opposition and numerous Kenyans including children are deeply certain the country is struggling in confusion.

However, using an opinion poll by Infotrak, 62 per cent of Kenyans are convinced the country is not on the right track.

But the Jubilee government didn’t buy the result of the poll and saw it rather as partisan and one-sided done entirely to make the Opposition to be preferred.

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Well, Raila says that he recommends nothing for the president but bipartisan. He stated;

So today, we want to make a single appeal to the President in absolute good faith in all humility and interest of our nation, we sense you are lost. We want to help you restart and re-engineer a vibrant Kenya. We urge you to take a bipartisan approach to solving problems facing the country.

The President was urged by the Opposition chief to work with them and the civil society to amend the Constitution through the Okoa Kenya initiative which has gained over one million signatures.

The signatures are with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission for verification. Raila pleads with the president saying;

It is part of our culture in Africa to stop along the way and ask for directions, and change paths if you realize you may have taken a wrong turn. Let’s do it.

He further stated

“Okoa Kenya will help the President. He should not waste time opposing it. That way, we can pass it without wasting a lot of resources.”

Raila told Uhuru to not overlook the current call by former President Mwai Kibaki who called on his government to cooperate with the Opposition in order to conquer whatever headache they are having in the country.

Kalonzo Musyoka, his co-principal pointed out that the Opposition is not in any way asking for dialogue from Jubilee but only seeking to combine ideas to fight the numerous challenges Kenya faces.

Mr Kalonzo says

For a long time, the Opposition has been accused of just criticising without offering solutions but we now have the Okoa Kenya initiative to help transform the country. Uhuru should work with it to realise that initiate,” .

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The opposition members revealed that lots of Kenyans who hoped on Uhuru’s leadership are now confused and left all blame to themselves for hoping too much on him. That those people disclosed the situation is one of those rare cases in which the Shepherds tells its flocks ‘I am lost don’t follow me’.

The CORD co-principal, Raila further stated that the president has lost the fight against corruption, the cost of living has increased significantly and that teachers no longer teach with so much love for what they do because they feel sad and betrayed by the Government.