Why Raila Odinga Will Remain Kenya’s Hero Despite Election Results

The Kenyan Electoral and Boundary Commission (IEBC) is yet to release the final results of the presidential elections but from the look of things, the incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta may retain his retain his seat as the President while his opponent Raila Odinga returns home waiting for another electoral season.

Though Jomo Kenyatta is still affectionately remembered as the father of the East African nation and as the very first Kenya’s post-independence president in 1964, Raila Odinga, no doubt, like his father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, has made a name for himself in the history of the Kenyan nation through the 2017 election.

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This man who is popularly known as popularly known to his supporters as Agwambo (meaning the “Mysterious One”), Tinga, Baba and Jakom, has not only put his life on the line in service to his country throughout his adult life, but has, through the recent political struggle for the Presidential seat, taught the Kenyan citizens how to speak up their minds when things are going wrong in the country.

Raila has spoken against anything that he feels is a threat to this nation. He has been held in detention while fighting for a broader democratic space in this country.

Fashioning himself as a reformist, Raila Odinga holds the record as the Kenyan politician who has changed political allegiances the most times.

Through him, political heavyweights have learnt how to sacrifice their own ambitions for the sake of a better future of the citizens and now, even though his ambition to make a positive change in Kenya may be cut short, his legacy remains strong in the hearts of all citizens.

Kenya’s 2017 Election Result: A Repeat of History? 

Raila Odinga ran for the presidency three times but failed to clinch the seat in 1997, 2007 and 2013. He is closely associated with the opposition party. His supporters label him as the ‘best’ president that Kenya never had.

Today, history may repeat itself as the political leader cries foul over the Presidential results presented by the IEBC which has again, favoured President Uhuru Kenyatta.

NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga’s claim the electoral system was hacked sent the IEBC into ‘manual’ mode on Wednesday as chairman Wafula Chebukati asked to check crucial forms 34A.

Raila also released results of his own parallel tallying centre, showing he won 8.1 million votes against President Uhuru Kenyatta’ 7.2 million. On Wednesday night, IEBC provisional figures gave Uhuru 7.9 million and Raila 6.5 million votes.

The 34A forms were being compared last night with what was transmitted from polling stations, reflected in form 34A, and then posted on the IEBC portal as provisional presidential results.

All presidential candidates and the IEBC will compare their copies of the forms with those of the IEBC. The tallies should be identical.

By Wednesday, August 9, the IEBC provincial result still shows that Kenyatta is far ahead of Baba by more than 1.4 million votes, 54.32 per cent to 44.8 per cent.

Hours later, IEBC’s Chebukati confirmed to Kenyans that results so far received and published are based on SMSs and some Forms 34A from Polling Stations.

Chebukati and Chiloba both confirmed that there is credence in NASA’s complaint that Jubilee infiltrated and influenced those results.

Meanwhile, the Court of Appeal held that the entire Presidential Results uploaded and streamed by IEBC are unlawful and unconstitutional and that there was nothing like provisional results.

It also held that there is only one final result; that collated and declared at the Constituency level by the Returning Officer. The IEBC  has also been asked to revoke the unlawful and unconstitutional announcement of results and await the tally of Forms 34B from all 290 Constituencies. IEBC must also resist the

IEBC must also resist the eminent pressure and threat from Jubilee to declare Uhuru as the winner on the basis of the flawed announcements.

The Court ruling, in some way, brings a sigh of new hope for Kenyans, especially those who voted for Raila and are hoping to see equality for all.

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Kenyans deserve their popular choice, be it stagnation or change. Neither should be forced upon them by Uhuru or Raila.

All will accept an accurate, fair and verifiable outcome of the election of President irrespective of whether it is Raila or Uhuru.

Whether the 2017 presidential election favours Nasa’s Raila Odinga or Kenyatta, the former will remain the people’s hero even in a million years to come.