Raila Describes David Ndii’s Arrest As ‘An Act Of Intimidation’

Raila Odinga has termed the arrest of economist David Ndii as an act of intimidation by the Jubilee administration.

Mr. Odinga was speaking in Kisumu on Monday, a day after Ndii was arrested in Kwale and brought to CID Headquarters in Nairobi.

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He told journalists that Ndii, who is the head of the National Super Alliance People’s Assembly Steering Committee, had committed no crime and that his detention was designed to subdue “the will of the people.”

“These are basically designed to try and intimidate and blackmail the people of Kenya. Mr. David Ndii has committed no crime. People of Kenya will not be intimidated into submission,” said Odinga.

He said more people in the Opposition will be arrested but that they will not bow to intimidation.

“They searched a hotel room where Ndii had been booked and took some materials. Many more are going to be arrested but we shall not be intimidated into submission,” he said.

The opposition leader went on to say that over 200 people had died due to police brutality sanctioned by the government.

“Since August 8, over 215 Kenyans have died at the hands of trigger-happy police officers sent by the Jubilee government. You can’t rule a people against their will,” he said.

He called on the international community to come out and speak against the atrocities going on in Kenya.

Raila said the Jubilee Party administration has resolved to militarising police, who are “brutally murdering and maiming innocent Kenyans whose only mistake is to raise their voice on impunity”.

“We urge friends of Kenya, through their diplomatic missions represented here not to be quiet as they will also be guilty of collusion by association,” the opposition leader said.

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Raila further asked his supporters to remain steadfast as the opposition coalition seeks electoral justice. He said everyone should remain optimistic that their journey to Canaan was still attainable.

“Tell your people that there is light at the end of the tunnel and we will pass through.”

“They have tried so many ways to stop us – including threats, intimidation, arrests and even killing our people – but they don’t know we have several ways of skinning a cat,” Raila added.