Raila Says CORD Will Convict All Looters Of Public Funds

CORD leader Raila Odinga yesterday said he will sanction corrupt people next year after his party wins next year’s presidential election.  

He explained that his party will make sure no single person among those who have embezzled public funds will go unpunished.

Raila precisely mentioned NYS looters, saying he would stop at nothing until those who made off with the National Youth Service (NYS) returns everything they have stolen to the last dime.

Raila also called on Kenyans to demand the resignation of those implicated in financial scandals.

When I raised questions about NYS and Eurobond, I was called names by Jubilee leaders and Cabinet secretaries. Now see who is on the list. It is upon Kenyans to know who is speaking the truth.

The CORD principal said. He regretted that huge amounts of money had been pocketed by a few individuals yet it was meant to serve Kenyans.

I said the high priest of corruption is in State House and they denied. Now read the names and see who the culprits are close to then you know that our country is in trouble. The teargassing of Langata Primary School children, the Wilson Airport land scandal, Eurobond, the NYS, the list is endless.

Raila cautioned county governments to avoid associating themselves with corrupt people from the national government who will want to lure and drag them into corruption scandal using big projects.

The CORD leader lashed the Jubilee coalition of encouraging corruption, saying that the party is going to campaign for 2017 elections with looted public money.

Raila said:

The Jubilee coalition has broken its every promise to fight corruption, including a memorandum of understanding (MOU) signed with US President Barack Obama. We must not be tempted to join this costly path to doom and failure. The Jubilee coalition has perfected the art of corruption.

He noted that CORD will not stand thieves in the country for a second, especially for stealing public resources. He also said his party will not take wastage, patronage and exclusion by any county government.

He urged that the country’s wealth should be concentrated on the need of people and not on meaningless things.

You should focus on areas in which investment will have positive impact on people’s lives.

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