‘When Raila Went To The IEBC Server, He Found Another Thief Already There’ – Says Abduba Dida Who Wants The Main Candidates Disqualified

Alliance of Real Change presidential candidate Abduba Dida is calling for the IEBC to disqualify both President Uhuru Kenyatta and main rival Raila Odinga.

Dida, who is a teacher, said the two main candidates should be disqualified because they are thugs with the third candidate on IEBC’s provisional count, Joe Nyagah, announced the winner.

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“Raila said there was hacking and the IEBC said there was an attempt… if the attempt was by Jubilee and Raila also got the password, then he also attempted, so both of them are thugs and should be dismissed,” said Dida at Nairobi’s Bomas of Kenya on Friday.

“The problem between Jubilee and NASA is that they both fear whoever will outsmart the other in stealing votes…When Raila went to the IEBC server he found another thief already there.”

Abduba Dida, however, condoled with the ODM chief adding that he does not blame Raila for not accepting the results being displayed on national television.

“NASA is not comfortable with the results and I don’t blame them. What Raila is saying is they want to see the meaning behind the figures.”

He noted that the former Prime Minister has struggled for Kenya and should be allowed to bring agents to the tallying center to counter-check the results.

When Raila brings his own results, the IEBC should counter-check and come up with a solution.

“If the results are okay, Raila should accept and if not Uhuru should explain himself and also accept the outcome,” he said.

NASA has said in a letter to the IEBC on Thursday that by their figures, Raila’s leads the election with 8.04 million votes while Uhuru has 7.7 million.

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Abduba Dida urged the commission to not rush to announce the results due to the tension it will create.

“There are over six million people who voted for Raila who want to understand what is happening. If you rush to announce this thing there is tension,” he said.

He noted that Kenya is tired of rigged elections and that the IEBC has seven days to announce the results.

“We are tired of being cheated…I am happy because the world wants to see peace in Kenya..But IEBC, please, you have seven days to announce the results,” he said.

“…please present the forms and try to convince NASA that these are the forms… Jubilee should not be excited because of the numbers they see on the screens.”

According to the IEBC portal, Nyagah is third in the provisional count with 37,788 votes (0.25 percent) while Dida has 37,266 votes (0.25 percent) in fourth place.