Raila Tells Garissa Residents That He Groomed Their MP During Visit, Duale Rubbishes Claim

Raila Odinga on Thursday got a rousing welcome by the people of Garissa Town when he visited the town to urge residents to register as voters before the deadline.

He was received by Governor Nathif Jama and a number of MPs who were dressed in orange in support of the ODM party.

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Speaking at a rally soon after he arrived the town, Raila told attendees that he groomed National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale for politics.

He said he picked the MP up when he was a ”nobody” in 2007 from Mombasa and turned him into what he was today.

”I personally picked up Duale and took him to one of the Sheikhs and a group of renown elders in Garissa Town, and prevailed upon them to support him for the Dujis constituency (now Garissa Town) parliamentary seat.”

“Duale, a political novice then, is now among those going around the country abusing and calling me all manner of names. I leave all this to God.”

According to The Star, Aden Duale phoned in a few hours after Raila made the above statement saying he was the one who added value to the ODM leader.

“Picked me? From where? In 2007, it is I who delivered more than 10 MPs in North Eastern to ODM and heavily funded his campaign.”

“To the contrary, it is I who added value to Raila’s politics by giving him a national outlook; from a Luo leader to a national leader.”

Duale has been a staunch defender of the ruling party and a fierce critic of Raila in recent years.

The house majority leader has launched numerous attacks on the opposition leader saying he plans to rig the 2017 elections while rubbishing his claims about matters concerning the ruling party and corruption or funds misuse.

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Garissa Town

Raila Odinga in full voice and confidence told his supporters at the Garissa Town rally that he was confident he would win the upcoming elections.

He also warned the government against any attempts to rig the election.

”We are forewarning Jubilee that we will not allow them to steal our votes because they will really have it rough,” said Raila.

He congratulated Somalia’s new president Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo offering to work closely with him and ensuring the Kenya-Somalia border is reopened for business.

He also noted that Kenyan troops had overstayed in the country vowing to pull them out and assign them to the porous border.