Raila Votes Will Be Stolen To Ensure He Fails Even If He Wins Next Election – MP Serem

A Jubilee MP changed the atmosphere at a funeral in Nandi county with his political comment. The MP said Cord leader Raila Odinga’s votes will be stolen to make sure he does not ascend into the presidential seat even if he wins next year’s election.

Though Aldai MP’s remark at the burial of mother of former Nairobi town clerk Philip Kisia shocked many who tried to figure what he meant by that statement, he insists he finds it pointless for the CORD leader to contest for the presidential seat.

He advised Raila, sugegsting that he supports someone else in the coalition rather than being the runner for the party.

Cornelly Serem is quoted as saying:

There is no need to waste time voting for him because he cannot win and if he wins, his votes will be stolen.

He further revealed that it is better for Raila to throw up someone else to represent his coalition as he is bound to fail doing the contest.

Serem told Raila to think of supporting Mudavadi, as he is apparently not going to win. He cited his past number of failures in politics and suggests he supports another person.

Serem who spoke at the attendees at Grace Kisia funeral made the statement in an event in which ANC Leader Musalia Mudavadi, Funyula MP Paul Otuoma, former Nairobi Mayor George Aladwa, NPSC chairman Johnston Kavuludi and politician Stanley Livondo also attended.

The MP said:

I want to tell my friend Aladwa and Otuoma that we have tried to support Raila many times, but it is impossible for him to win elections. We are not to blame because even if he wins, the votes will be stolen.

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Serem hinted that in his culture, a bull that does not perform until it is taken to the market.

Aladwa said:

Raila should give up on active polls as he has done all he can in vain. I said it in Nairobi that if the polls will be rigged next year, then my position is well-known.

He also noted that Jubilee is “our common enemy”.