Raila Cautions Ababu Of The Dangers Of Disrespecting His Leadership

Cord Leader Raila warns Ababu Namwamba, ODM secretary general, to desist from addressing party’s internal issues in the media. 

Opposition chief Raila Odinga issued the warning to the Budalang’i MP in a meeting held yesterday, telling him the issues he is raising “are small and can be handled internally” without getting the media involved.

According to a source with knowledge of the meeting, the party told Abubu that his role is to give full support to the party and not to murder it in public.

Raila warns ababu

Mbadi said Ababu’s complaint shocked him at the party’s special meeting which was held yesterday, bordered on emerging issues as they talked about more pressing issues.

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Party national chairman John Mbadi said the misunderstanding is among the issues raised and he felt the issue will be sorted out by the party leader. He added that since Ababu is not in the same position with Raila and can use the organs of the party to look into his case.

The committee dismissed Ababu’s demands to have private discussions with Raila today, saying the party has enough channels to address the matters he is raising.

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Mbadi said the election board was dissolved after a motion in Maanzoni during the delegates’ forum and most of the activities Ababu claims he was being sidelined on were organised by the grassroots officials.

Having in mind the seriousness of the issue Ababu had raised,  he further said it needs to be addressed by Raila “to improve the party and strengthen democracy”.

Ababu had said he has been  made a ceremonial secretary general and that he might move to a party where his efforts will be appreciated, not tolerated.

On Wednesday, Ababu warned party members that “there is no market for buying or selling people,” in obvious response to an official who said he was being financed by outsiders to break ODM.

According to him: “The issues I have raised are in the public domain and I believe when we meet in two weeks we will address them since we have the framework”