Raila Threatens President Kenyatta With Impeachment Over Joho ‘State Crackdown’

Opposition party chieftain Raila Odinga has sent out a stern warning to President Uhuru Kenyatta, cautioning him against the supposed state crackdown on Joho.

An angry looking Raila who was speaking at Orange House on Tuesday accused Uhuru of abusing presidential powers while threatening to pursue the impeachment option.

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He said the era of Uhuru’s father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, threatening to crush opponents like maize flour is in the past. Mr. Odinga was referring to actual statements made by Uhuru’s father to his own father, Jaramogi Odinga, who was warned in 1969 that ”had we not been friends, I would have crushed you like flour”.

”He is abusing the powers of the Presidency. He must know that he is violating the Constitution and we can recommend his impeachment,” the former prime minister said.

”We can’t be intimidated because you have the police and the army. We have the military of the people. If it’s that bad, we can ask Kenyans to take to the streets.”

Raila continued with the defense of the Mombasa boss saying the Kenyan leader should not harass people because of ideological differences.

Governor Joho’s tribulations include drug trafficking allegations, purported forged secondary school results which could lead to criminal prosecution. He could also be barred from defending his seat if he has his two bachelor degrees canceled.

Other cases of the state crackdown on Joho include the revocation of his firearm license and the freezing of his bank accounts.

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”Joho went to America the other day, if he was dealing in drugs they would have detained him there,” Raila said to condemn the drug baron claims.

”We are saying enough is enough. We are not going to tolerate this presidential abuse of power on a daily basis…You are the President today, you will not be President tomorrow. Let’s do peaceful elections.”



Regarding the elections, Raila said the National Super Alliance will post 10 agents to all polling stations across the country. He also encouraged media houses to stream results of the polls live to ensure accuracy.

Raila also asked members of the public to be vigilant and protect the votes on election day.