Kiambu county

A fraction of Jubilee MP challenged Raila’s right to address the nation, saying that he is not supposed to address the country given that he is not an elected representative.

Dagoretti South MP Dennis Waweru urged the opposition leader to accept and embrace the limit of his right “which is that of an ordinary citizen.”

Waweru questioned in an address in Kiambu on Tuesday.

“I represent the people of Dagoretti. Who does he represent?” 

Let him face the President if he is man enough.”

This was after co-cord principals Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper leader) and Moses Wetang’ula (Bungoma Senator) alongside Raila addressed the nation at Laico Regency last Saturday.

In the formal address, Raila said the ruling Jubilee party is not managing the economy appropriately. He also called the party one that hosts liars as the politicians inclined to it do nothing but feed Kenyans with lies.

He also accused the ruling party of  spreading hate and division in the country as well as making life tough for the citizens especially for the significant climb in the cost of living.

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The Kiambu woman representative Annah Nyokabi seconded that the opposition leaders do not have such right to stand before the nation to give any formal address as he is just an ordinary citizen with no such right.

Nyokabi said:

“Raila should stop poking the President. I believe the people of Kiambu will help send the him to retirement come the 2017 general election”.

With Raila’s right under questions, the woman representative urged Raila Odinga to retire from politics and and grant others the chance to run. She also asked the former Prime Minister to quit bothering the president with his side talks.

She also asked him to stop using his friends to distract the good work which the president is already doing, adding that none of the sidetrack can shake the administration. She further made reference to the President’s State of the Nation address that witnessed noisy whistle blowing’ at Parliament.

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Aden Duale, who was linked in the big NYC scandal had called the opposition “…the largest threat to the constitution…” given that it has piled up some amendments that will “mutilate” it.

The president, Uhuru Kenyatta, after the incident that was devised to interrupt his state of the nation address, asked the Opposition to give the country a meaningful alternative policy instead of engaging in empty castigations.