Rats To Be Used In Kenyan Protest

A civil society group are planning to use over 200 live rats during Nyeri city protest scheduled for next week.

Organising coordinator John Wamagata said they will bring 200 rats and take them round the town to demonstrate peacefully. Residents from town are expected to join them to the Ruring’u county assembly offices.

The protest scheduled for next week is against a proposal by the county assembly to spend 75 million Kenyan shillings in establishment of a health club.

The Nyeri County Assembly Health Club is designed to feature a gym, steam bath, massage parlour, swimming pool and sauna.

The organising coordinator John Wamagata said it is wrong for the MCA to embark on such extravagant project when the county has other pressing need for useful social amenities.

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He said they will also against the plot to sack Governor Nderitu Gachagua for organising he locals to opposing construction of the health club.

rats to be used during Nyeri city protest

He adds that the fund mapped out for the construction of the club should be sent to local youth saccos, who can borrow it and start jobs to undercut unemployment and the masses.

He also advised MCAs to rather embark on water projects in each ward to make sure that locals take a good bath, before they can think of going to luxurious health clubs.

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Tough Nyeri leaders led by the governor have opposed the proposal to build a club. Gachagua told the MCAs to go to the rivers in their wards for a good swim and also to get a massage from their wives.

Six MCAs, out of the 46, advised the county assembly to shelve the idea to give other projects priority. The governor also stopped Sh90 million ward projects, citing lack of public participation before the county assembly passed the budget.