Ababu Namwamba to work with Jubilee

Ababu Namwamba has shocked his formal ODM allies after he slammed CORD leader Raila Odinga in his current speech.

In the speech at a meeting over the weekend, Namwamba mocked Raila, saying he is obviously afraid of his ground-breaking influence on Western region.

He added that the Opposition leader threw his decorum out the window as he could not hide his fears and had to immediately tour the area for days.

Boasting further about his influence, the politician revealed that when Mudavadi left ODM, he was sent to make things normal but Raila took it up himself to carry out the task because he knew nobody else can possibly change things for him.

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The Budalang’i MP also told leaders from Teso North and South sub-counties in Amagoro who were present at the meeting that Raila has sensed that the western vote is shifting bases.

He also challenged Raila Odinga to reveal how much he was paid for switching parties or stop alleging that others were bought over to change their political parties.

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Ababu opines that Raila Odinga has always lost his close allies in the run-up during every election year. Namwamba said his movement ‘Mulembe unconsiousness’ will not throw up a presidential candidate, and as a result will rally behind a coalition that shares the same interest as theirs.

According to him, the new third force ‘Mulembe Nation’ is ready to work with the coalition that has the best interests of Kenyans in mind. He further urged people from the western region to wake up and find their own path instead of being led by people who do not have their interests at heart.

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Namwamba had previously denied claims by Deputy President William Ruto that he would join Jubilee. In response to Deputy President claims, he said:

“Although a girl has no control over the roaming eyes of any boy who may have designs on her, sadly for any suitors out their, Jubilee or CORD, this girl is simply not available.”

Meanwhile, during the political meeting, Ababu Namwamba escaped a dangerous accident as a speeding lorry reportedly plunged into the venue.

The meeting at Hotel Levantes in Amagoro town which was between the politician and youths from Teso North and South sub-counties ended when a truck rammed into the hotel and blocked the entrance. The vehicle was allegedly transporting goods to Uganda at the time of the accident.

Good enough, no one was injured during the Saturday incident.

Traffic police officers from Malaba police Station came to Namwamba’s rescue, helping him find an alternative exit from the venue.