The president didn’t get himself involved in the Kericho senatorial campaigns throughout the battle of words between Deputy President William Ruto and Kanu boss Gideon Moi.

Reports say the president avoided the rally because he was not up for the fight and didn’t want to be dragged into it.

This revelation came a few hours to the by-elections scheduled on Monday in both Kericho and Malindi in which locals are expected to vote in Kericho senator and the Malindi MP to represent them.

It is also said that President Uhuru is not happy with the way the two went personal with the campaigns given that they personalized URP-Kanu issues.

A source reveals the president intentionally stayed off the whole rally as he does not want to get linked in the fight for control of Rift Valley votes between Deputy President William Ruto and Senator Gideon Moi.

Having in mind that his involvement will spark more controversies, the president washed his hands off the battle.

The fight which had escalated severally before the by-election which is underway has stirred controversy among the coalitions.

President Uhuru is said to take Kanu as a part of the Jubilee team and the direct aim at the Independence party didn’t sit well with him.

This showed the lasting respect he has for his political mentor, retired President Daniel Moi, whose son was involved in the political disagreement.

Ruto said voting for Kanu’s Paul Sang would mean voting for CORD leader Raila Odinga.

According to Ruto:

The people of Kericho and the Rift Valley must know that the battle for the Senate seat is not about Kanu and Jubilee. This is a war between Jubilee and Cord that has hired some leaders to try and divide the Kalenjins.

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Ruto has often accused Gideon of not being appreciative and loyal. He cited the time of Gideon’s father and stated that the Kalenjin community gave his Dad maximum support disregarding all the conditions for a record 24 years.

The president’s decision to avoid the Kericho rally irked some of Ruto’s supporters. According to them, the President’s action raises suspicion that he probably had some secret agendas with Gideon.

They stated:

The reason the President skipped Kericho  because Ruto is attacking Gideon, yet Kanu is part of Jubilee.

Chepalungu MP Paul Bii said:

Uhuru’s presence in Kericho could have made a difference because Kanu is confusing people they are in Jubilee. He has not said anything, yet he campaigned in Malindi. Why not Kericho?

Speaking on why the president didn’t join the campaign at Kericho, Aldai MP Cornelius Serem noted that,

It’s public knowledge that Kanu signed a pact with Jubilee. In my opinion, the President’s presence was unnecessary.

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