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Being married is ultimately way better than being single and this, of course, proves why many people regard marriage as their most important relationship and also their source of joy and pleasure. While some think marriage is one of the most beautiful things in life, some others think the opposite. For those who think the opposite, am sure if you are interrogated privately away from people’s hearing, you would admit how much you hope to get married someday. There is more to that walking down the aisle or standing at the altar which could be positive or negative.

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Some married people have testified that marriage is good and has done them a whole world of good. Whatever the case may be, we are sure that marriage has positive aspects which far outweighs the negative aspects especially when your partner is your “best friend”. Hence, except for the much-talked-about weight gain and disagreements, there are huge positive aspects of marriage that many single people are not aware of. Also, in a happy marriage, the couple may possibly experience financial benefits, support, sound health and host of others. If you think marriage is for gullible people read on to see 10 undeniable reasons you should drop everything and get married.

1. Get Married and Lessen The Risk of STDs


Of course, married people have a constant and steady sex life. They neither go about looking for where to get sex nor look constantly for sexual partners. This in effect lessens the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. It is very important we let you know that we are only referring to couples in which both partners love each other extremely not only by mere saying it but also in practice and thus stay true, firm and faithful to each other. People who get married and disregard their marriage vows by disrespecting their partners by cheating on them are at a higher risk of getting sexually transmitted diseases especially when they often engage in unprotected sex outside their marriages.

2. Your Spouse Will Take Better Care Of You

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Records show that married people are healthier. This is so because married people take better care of themselves, and sometimes go as far as quitting all ill habits which could have led to health issues. Most of them feel they have the obligation to live for their beloved who needs them. However, in a relationship where people lack understanding and treat each other very badly, living may be disastrous and hurtful especially for the weaker person. This, of course, can reduce lifespan and also health may even be made worse. The underlying thing here is not to get married just to join the many crowd of married people but to be happily married, take delight in your married life, have a deep affection for your partner and be loved back.

3. You Can Now Share The Bills


Married people usually share expenses and split the costs of major purchases hugely needed in their homes. Most single guys out there think women would cost them more when they are married to them. This is so wrong! think about the money you’d spend on numerous dinner dates and the occasional gifts you will have to get your dates. The financial situation of married people seems better as they will definitely cut down the much expenses on irrelevant items, unlike single people in order to meet the needs of their household.

Also, with extra income in the household resulting from the sharing of expenses, you can possibly afford the things you could never afford on your own including a better home, a better car, a better vacation, and cooler kinds of stuff. Isn’t it? More so, it is very clear that couples make more expenses than most single people. For this reason, they tend to make more money by working more than they used to so they can meet the financial needs of the family. Hence, married men usually get to realize that they are providers for their wives and kids which motivates them to work harder in order to start earning better money while single men can comfortably live on a lower salary as they are not pushed to work and earn more.

4. Finally, Bad Habits Can Let Go Of You

let go of bad habits

Records show that married people quit most of their bad habits with ease because their sense of responsibility for their family won’t let them drink, use drugs or get involved in other life-threatening practices. Some dump smoking when they are inspired by their spouse and children. But for a single person, fighting your addiction single-handedly becomes far more demanding.

5. Your Kids Will Be Legitimate


When you are married, the responsibility of taking care of kids is a lot easier, especially young children. Couples who share their responsibility for their children serve a better instance. The kids of such couple learn the true meaning of “real family relationships” which will certainly make them happier personalities in their future family lives. Also, according to Dougherty, Fagan and McElvain, “The future strength of any nation depends on good marriages to produce strong income, good health, low crime, high education, and high human capital”.  So, you will agree with me that married people to some extent are responsible and thus try very hard at making their offspring even more responsible. This, of course, will help strengthen the situation of a particular nation by reducing crimes to nought.