Rebekah O' Brien

A UK woman identified as Rebekah O’Brien, who just delivered a baby, has revealed how she managed to have babies with a Kenyan man and his son after she moved to Kenya to marry the Maasai warrior.

According to her, after marrying her warrior, and later divorcing him, she went on to have a love affair with his teenage son who later impregnated her.

It all stared in October 2012 during a filming course which the 26-year-old-woman volunteered as a steward at the Norwich theatre.

At that time, Rempesa Ole Kirkoya, 40 and his Maasai warrior group dished a spectacular performance in the Maddermarket Theatre in Norwich in October 2012.

She was engrossed when Rempesa and his Osiligi warrior dancers, hit the stage and performed their songs and dances exceptionally. The gym receptionist from Kent in England, revealed that she afterwards, she fell in love with his culture.

After the performance, she ran into Rempesa, as she waited for her friend by a shop. Rempesa was 37 then and even though he couldn’t speak a word of English and she knew no Swahili, they managed to talk with hand movements and facial expressions.

She was keen about communicating with the butcher because she had felt something for him during the show.

Rebekah O'Brien

The delight and the connection she felt made her travel some 7,000 miles all the way to Kenya – despite he was already married to his wife Joyce. However, three years on, the spell that caught her entire attention to the marriage seems to have fallen off her eyes.

‘When my friend came out, she gave me a knowing look, and now, looking back, that was the moment I started falling for him,’ Rebekah recounted.

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After their meeting, the white woman decided to go to Kenya in January 2013 to spend nine weeks. She left UK to live in a tin hut in Kisames, an hour’s drive from the country capital Nairobi, where there was no running water or electricity. It was there that Rebekah and Rempesa, the village butcher, started a relationship.

‘She saw him a number of times on the first trip, sometimes with his first wife who accepted the relationship and gave her blessing and support. Since he spoke little English, Joyce helped translate for Rebekah so they could bond well and even played the Backstreet Boys hit As Long As You Love Her so they could all sing along to make her feel at home.

According to her:

I remember him saying “I love you” to me and at first I just saw it as friendly, but my feelings started to grow.

As a Western woman in Kenya people were suspicious of me, but Rempesa was so kind, buying me food and drinks and always had time for me and made me feel welcome and special.

Rebekah then returned to the UK in March 2013 and  swore to learn Swahili so she could go back to Kenya. She enrolled for a course on Facebook and started chatting to Rempesa on Skype.

Once again, he told her that he loved her and missed her and it was then that she decided to head back to Kenya to be with him.

Rempesa has five children with Joyce – a boy and four girls aged between five and 17 so he told her their relationship was platonic but his wife Joyce herself welcomed Rebekah into the fold and said she was happy for them to marry.

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In March 2013 Rempesa returned to the UK to perform with his troupe, so they would talk on the phone up to four times a day and, on his last night in the UK, their relationship became physical.

She said:

‘We shared a hotel room together and it was lovely. We talked about getting married and although he didn’t say his marriage was over, and I knew he still lived with his wife, I felt assured they were nothing more than friends.’

Joyce, 42, went to the airport to pick Rebekah when she went to visit again in December.

She recalled:

We drove back and she kept playing the Backstreet Boys in the car so we could sing along to make me feel at home. The song was all about love and that’s what we shared.

‘When I got to the house, Rempesa led me to his bedroom, and Joyce went and stayed with the children. It was strange, but I was just so happy to be with him and I realised then it wouldn’t be a case of him having two wives, although I was happy to live like that. I would be his main wife and they were just friends.”

Rebekah admits that love had not treated her fairly while in England. She confessed that she loved the different values held by Rempesa and his Kenyan friends, which was among the reasons she chose to go with her life in Kenya.

She said:

My friends said I was mad to be running off with a Kenyan man, living in a tin hut with him and his first wife and five children.

‘But there is hardly a huge sea of great guys here in the UK. And I decided when I was there that I didn’t want to be like women here, working all the time.

‘In Kenya, it’s like being a British wife in the 1940s. You cook, clean and look after the home and your husband and family and I don’t see anything wrong in that at all.

‘The whole community supports each other and everyone is so happy and friendly. They have a great life.’

In Maasi culture, Rebekah turned into his wife the day she spent a night in his home. they were ready to have a wedding ceremony but tragedy struck when his first wife died abruptly -making them dump the wedding plans.

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Joyce passed on after she accidentally took overdose in January 2014. Rebekah said the other villagers accused her of the incident but Rempesa stood by her side.

They later had a proper ceremony where Rebekah spent the night before the wedding with a village elder before donning her wedding dress.
In February 2015, she went back to the UK after she found out she was pregnant to have her baby where it could be cared for by the NHS and have British citizenship.


Rebekah O'Brien

However, the future she thought for herself and Rempesa was not going to be as they separated in the last stage of her pregnancy and Rebekah faced tragedy alone.

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She later delivered her daughter Arya who passed away six weeks later. Rebekah then shared the heartbreaking news to Rempesa over Skype.

Even though she was still mourning, she was craving Kenyan village life again and desired to return to her late daughter’s family.

She and Rempesa were no longer into each other. Instead she got into a romantic affair with his eldest son, a teenager still at school, who is unable to help her support their week-old son Kito.

Upon returning, she fell in love with the warrior’s 19-year-old son Lawrence who is still at school making up for some years he had missed through non-attendance. The young man made his feelings known to her and they started making love to each other.

Rebekah then became pregnant with her son Kito last August. But the pressure of the pregnancy affected their relationship badly. Rebekah returned to the UK to have their son who was born last week.

She is hoping to see Lawrence come to the UK to visit his child and has already sent him £600 despite the fact he is unable to pay child support because he is still in school.


Rebekah O'Brien

Rebekah told the Mirror:

‘I want Lawrence to be in his life, but I fear he sees me more as his mother than his girlfriend. ‘I suppose it didn’t help that I was basically his step-mum before we got together.’

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However, speaking at the time about her future as a mother, Rebekah revealed that she had lost the support of her family and was living with a Christian couple in Norwich while she tried to raise the money to go back to Kenya to live.

Speaking about being a new mum, she said:

I know that in Kenya, looking after a baby would be totally different. As the people there are poor, they only buy one nappy at a time, and I know that babies can go through about six a day, so I think at first I’d be better in the UK.

‘Once the baby is older, I think they adapt very well to being mothers. You go to cafes and see mums with their babies strapped across them, walking round, and they just get on with their lives.

‘The food is much healthier and less processed, just lots of fruit, veg and meat, and the weather is much better. I always feel healthier there and the community is very much focused on children and family.’