Relationship Goals: 10 Amazing Photos Of World Leaders Kissing Or Goofing Around With Their Wives

Social media has got all of us trying to make others envious of what our relationships should be with the hashtag relationship goals (#RelationshipGoals).

World leaders are no exception to the cause, as they usually take time out of their hectic schedules to spend time with their families and take pictures.

In the past, most of them were usually carried away with the hardships of running a country. It was always a story of work, work, work, and then a mistress from nowhere.

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The past 8 years in the White House has, however, changed that notion with President Barrack Obama championing the relationship goals idea.

Barrack and Michelle Obama found a way to inspire our relationship goals and we at BuzzKenya are looking at other world leaders who have not failed to appreciate their significant other in public.

Barrack And Michelle Obama 

Relationship Goals
President Obama passionately kisses Michelle during halftime Kiss Cam at a basketball game.


Prince William And Kate 

Relationship Goals
Prince William and Princess Kate dance with locals in Tuvalu during their Diamond Jubilee visit to the South Pacific.


Justin And Sophie Trudeau

Relationship Goals
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grabs his wife’s behind during a Press Gallery dinner


David And Samantha Cameron

Relationship Goals
Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron receives a kiss from his wife when he got elected leader of the Conservative Party.


Nicolas And Cecilia Sarkozy

It would not be an accurate love and affection post without an entry from the French.

Relationship Goals
France’s former president Nicolas Sarkozy kisses his wife after a handover ceremony at the Elysee Palace.


Prince Albert And Princess Charlene

Relationship Goals
Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco share a very romantic public kiss at their first public engagement


Mauricio Macri And Juliana Awada

Relationship Goals

President of Argentina Mauricio Macri kisses his wife Juliana Awada after his swearing-in ceremony in December.

The couple have been in the international spotlight for their public displays of affection and revelations about their sex life. President Macri once admitted during an interview that his wife was insatiable in bed.


Mariano Rajoy And Elvira Fernandez

Spain’s acting Primer Minister Mariano Rajoy kisses his wife Elvira Fernandez as they celebrate the results of their party during the national elections in Madrid, Spain.

Relationship Goals



King Philippe And Queen Mathilde

Relationship Goals

King Philippe of Belgium smothers his wife Queen Mathilde with kisses after delivering a speech from the balcony of the Royal Palace to thank the population on the day of his investiture.


Uhuru And Margaret Kenyatta

Relationship Goals

The only entry by an African leader comes from our very own Uhuru and Margaret Kenyatta. The two embody relationship goals with the way they support each other not to mention the fact he is always caught stealing glances at his wife.