“Return Firearms As Directed Or Face Music With State.” – Nkaiserry Orders Joho

Interior CS Joseph Nkaiserry recently mandated IG Joseph Boinett to make sure Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho turns in all his firearms – three of them – by Monday.

He urged the IG Boinett to get hold of all firearms registered in Governor Joho’s name, insisting that no Kenyan has the right to fully be in possession of a gun.

Nkaiserry hinted that Kenyans are allowed to apply and pay for a gun licence, but that the process does not confer full ownership, as the government can take back the gun endorsed to you if it deems right to have it back.

He added that if the governor decides to go the stubborn way with this demand, he should be made to face severe actions.

Nkaiserry slammed Hassan Joho, asking him to stop using the withdrawal of some of his security officers as well as the ultimatum to return his firearms, as a political thing.

He explained that government instructed the withdrawal of officers to help cut down about 11,000 officers who offer security to different politicians and other super powers in the country, for good reasons.

He also said over 11,000 officers were recently deployed to guard VIPs. The report, he announced, is being investigated to find out how and why they were allocated such privileges.

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The CS added that the government has too busy a schedule to spare some on attacking its leaders, but issued the directive so as to serve the nation efficiently by providing maximum security to all Kenyans.

Nkaiserry said the government is still looking into the report that security officers of Governor Joho assaulted a woman during the Malindi polls and will prosecute anyone involved in such abuse.

This was after governor Joho reacted to the directive issued by the Chief Licensing Officer Samwel Kimaru on Friday to surrender his firearms.

The CS advised the public to not be fooled by Joho’s lies and boastfulness, saying he must be made to comply with this directive because he – as well as anybody else – is not above the law.

Calling Kabete MP to order, Nkaisery cautioned the MP to stop fanning the flame of public opinion with his political exchanges with Kimabu Governor William Kabogo.

Quoting the CS

MP Waititu must stop using the people to try and gain political mileage in his gubernatorial ambition, we are going to take action against him should this continue.

In a statement issued at press briefing on Saturday, Nkaiserry said the report suggesting that security officers of the governor had been withdrawn for his political stance is a bag of blatant lies.

The Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaiserry added that even CORD principals Raila odinga and Kalonzo Musyoka are not excluded in this order. He castigated Mombasa Governor Hassan Ali Joho for reportedly seeking public sympathy when he was asked to surrender his guns.

He said many top officials, including those who had retired, had allocated themselves more than the required security detail and as such, the government is on a move to reduce such excesses.

The CS also said that onward, the government is going to enforce the law governing the maximum number of security personnel for governors. According to him, the law stipulates that governors should have a maximum of five security officers; three for their residences and two for their mobility.

According to Nkaissery statement:

It is unfortunate that the withdrawal happened just after the Malindi by-election but nevertheless, that is where we had to start. No leader will be spared including former politicians whether Vice Presidents or the Prime Minister.