IDP Sues World Leaders Including Moi, Trump For Injustices

Reverend John Mbugua has sued the Government for injustices Kenyans went through since independence.

The former internally displaced person said he was displaced in 2007 and claims world leaders and international organizations were also directly responsible for the injustices faced by the people of Kenya.

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“This is a petition for the poor people whose land was taken by the British settlers and later denied their rights by subsequent regimes. The international organizations have failed to act on the leaders and we want them to answer why they have failed us.”

The suit, which was filed at the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi, listed several world leaders as defendants, including Queen Elizabeth and former Presidents Mwai Kibaki.

Also sued is the Israeli Embassy for “harassing him and taking his fingerprints in the pretext that he was a terrorist.”

Donald Trump is accused of threatening to deport millions of immigrants. Mbugua argues that the Republican Presidential nominee’s threat will ”amount to a catastrophe worse than world War I and ll.”

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Former US presidents, Bill Clinton and George Bush were listed as defendants for going to war with Middle East countries resulting in the emergence of organized terrorist groups; which have become a threat to world peace.

“We were amazed when President Barack Obama came to Kenya and failed to address or compensate thousands of victims affected by the 1998 bombing of the US Embassy when the victims had nothing to do with the US animosity with the terrorists.”

Former President Moi is accused of killing the Kenyan economy during his presidency when he ruled ”with an iron fist.” The cleric argues that Moi must return all the benefits he has received under the Retired President’s Benefits Act which was ”declared null and void by court.”

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Reverend Mbugua did not spare the Judiciary in his suit, and sued the institution over the recent auction of high-end vehicles “at a throw-away price.”

Mama Ngina Kenyatta, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and former Attorney General Charles Njonjo were also listed as defendants for their contribution to human rights violations by Reverend John Mbugua.