Rio Woman Who Slept With Usain Bolt Shares The Disappointing Experience She Had In Bed

A Rio woman recently published photos of herself in bed with Usain Bolt. She also made some embarrassing revelation about the wild night she had with the sprinter. 

According to the woman, the sex was the slowest she has ever had. Even though he is named the fastest man walking the earth now, the woman said the sex was more marathon than a sprint.

Usain Bolt met the lady during the Rio Olympic games after he told his bodyguard to ask her for sex using Google Translate app. At first, the woman turned down the offer but later nodded to it when the sprinter flexed his six-pack.

The runner decided to celebrate his 30th birthday night with the Rio student he picked at the All In Club in Rio before sneaking her into the Olympic village.

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“I was expecting him to be fast but it was actually the slowest sex I’ve ever had. We did it for about 40 minutes then he took a couple of minutes rest before we did it again,” she told DailyMail.

The two-hour side-Olympic event happened in a room at the Olympic Village with two single beds which were seemingly short that his feet protruded out.

The woman said it lasted two hours unlike the ‘triple triple’ while the raunchy Work song by Rihanna played in the background.

“He was certainly quick at recovering but we didn’t have sex a third time.”

He is also ‘just’ normal like any other man, the only difference being it is Usain Bolt.

“It was very passionate, hot and we were devouring each another. He has the body of a champion although his male parts do not match, he is just like a regular guy”, she explains.

After they were done, the single mother of two was rewarded with a 100 euro note to help her at home.

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The woman who shared  bedroom images on Whatsapp said she knew he probably had a girlfriend. Duarte said he is a shameless superstar, adding that the sex wasn’t what she had expected as it was normal.

‘I really thought we had something going, but now I can see that he picks up women as quickly as he picks up gold medals.’ she is quoted by DailyMail as saying.

Usain Bolt is said to have a 26-year-old Jamaican girlfriend, Kasi Bennett, who he has dated for two years. Usain Bolt’s sister is also reported to have said that the athlete could marry the law graduate.


Usain Bolt has gone back to Jamaica after gathering gold medals at the Rio Olympics. Immediately he arrived, the sprinter handed over all the $20 million he earned to his high school William Knibb Memorial in Falmouth, Jamaica as a donation.

The money is to improve the school’s athletic programs, according to the Jamaica Press. The programs were in danger due to a financial shortage.

Bolt also pledged to be visiting the school once a month for the next year to help train the students in athletics.