River Mysteriously Turns Blood Red

A local river mysteriously turned blood red in the Russian city of Norilsk startling residents and causing confusion.

The river Daldykan flows through the Arctic Circle in an area known to be one of the most polluted places on earth.

Photos of the river has been published on social media by the residents, causing mass speculation. Authorities have been unable to give a reason for the river’s unusual color.

Factories are located all along the river and people suspect the color is as a result of wastewater mixing with mineral ore leaking from the factory into the river.

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River Mysteriously Turns Blood Red

Residents of Norilsk in a local social media group have strongly linked it to the giant metals company, Norilsk Nikel, located up the river.

The factory has however denied dumping anything into the river and not having any leaks. Local emergency services have told media outlets that they are unaware of the incident.

A resident of the area identified as Evgeny Belikov, who claimed to have previously worked at the factory, pointed out a reservoir connected to the factory as a previous incident.

He said that workers at the plant referred to the reservoir connected to the factory as the “red sea” because of its color.

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Other users posted older photos seeming to show the reservoir in similar color, in an area that had large pipes running into it.

Belikov added that in winter the snow turns red also. ”On one hand, it’s beautiful, but on the other it’s chemical”.

An online observer quoted the bible scriptures pointing out that rivers would turn red just before the end of time. He however acknowledged that there has been 28 different occasion of rivers turning red all around the world without any explanation.