Policeman Kills Robber Along Uhuru Highway Nairobi For Shocking Reason

A wanted gunman who allegedly attacked a motorists along, Uhuru Highway Nairobi was shot and killed on Wednesday by the police.

Police trailed the man to Uhuru Park after he grabbed a mobile phone from a motorist close to Parliament Buildings. The attacker, famously known as Kevo, was not possessing a gun at the time of his killing, police said.

A bystander who spoke exclusively to BuzzKenya said he saw the fatal shooting by police in Nairobi, and that the man didn’t reach for his pocket or elsewhere for a gun.

Another witness said he was perplexed that the officers could not subdue the man but instead shot and killed him, questioning why they didn’t simply shoot the man in the leg. Several others who heard when the gunshot rang out termed it lethal use of force. But the police department stated that the man had been on the run over similar crimes.

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The body had been taken to City Mortuary and the mobile phone which he stole has gone to be with the rightful owner.

In Buruburu, a suspect who reportedly tried to rob was killed and the police retrieved a gun from him. Police revealed that the man was a member of a gang that has been harassing people on foot in the area.

Incidents of attacks against motorists and pedestrians making use of the Uhuru highway Nairobi have risen dramatically while police have succeeded in making a few arrest, leaving several killed ‘suspects’ in their wake.

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Although due to the patrols set up in the area, instances of rape cases – which have more than doubled from last year – have begun to decline.

This week, eight suspected robbers were killed by police in Industrial Area – summing up the number of killed robbers in three days to 10. The police have also recovered five home-made guns and knives from the eight suspected robbers.

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