Robert Alai Leaks Serious State House Information

Robert Alai who is fond of CORD and a controversial Kenyan blogger, and cyber-activist, has shared another post that has got mouths fluttering after his visits to State House, Nairobi.

Alai has been gracing the weekly summits organised by several ministries to show the accomplishments which the Jubilee-led administration has scored so far in the vital sectors of the economy, and he noticed something after his last visit at the State House.

Following the disturbing sights, the blogger took to his page to send president Kenyatta a message which he believes might get the shut at him next time he visits State House.

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In Alai’s write-up, he pleads with the President to improve the working condition of GSU officers guarding him at the House on the Hill.

Alai’s message reads in part:

“Whenever I interact with the GSU guarding you in State House, they appeal to me to voice their concerns. They know that I am honest in my engagement so they entrust me with the delivery of the message to you sir. They just want their lives made better. Some decent housing here and a look into their welfare would do.”

He further said that each time he enters State House, he sees the vigilant men and women who are committed to safeguarding and protecting the life of the president. But then, according to Alai, these eagle-eyed guards are allowed to lead “pathetic lives”.

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Continuing, he wrote:

“The G-company guarding you are a desolate lot. They live a pathetic life. The conditions of their quarters and welfare don’t rhyme with the suits they put on. They just want to look good but they are suffering from within.”

The blogger called on the Head of State to consider increasing the standard of living of those security men.

He added that the president needs to direct the Inspector General of Police and the National Police Service Commission (NPSC) to review the terms of service, housing conditions and insurance covers of the officers.

The write-up didn’t end there. It also added:

“These officers deserve better. Being a policeman means that you are always invited into situations of lawlessness or where threats of the same exist. These men and women deserve more. There is no reason why you pay MPs and MCAs so much and not policemen. Please do something. This needs your personal intervention.”

In conclusion, Alai  told Uhuru in his message, that “All policemen are suffering. But (It’s) sad when even those who protect you don’t have proper remuneration and living conditions”.