Ruto Lashed For Introducing Miss World As Most Beautiful Woman On Earth

Deputy President Ruto faces criticism on social media over his diction when he introduced Miss World Mireia Lalaguna as ‘the most beautiful woman’.

The internet became awash with lashing remarks for the DP’s remark during his Madaraka Day address as he said the most beautiful woman had attended the celebrations, making reference to a woman other than his wife.

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It began the moment the DP stood up to say the most beautiful woman is around while introducing Ms Lalaguna who had attended the celebrations at Afraha Stadium. Many thought he was referring to his wife, but to their utmost shock, he wasn’t.

What’s more shocking was the fact that his wife, Rachel Ruto was seated close to him when he made the statement about Ms Lalaguna from Spain. Ms Lalaguna flew into the country for a charity tour together with Miss World Asia Maria Harfanti.

On Twitter, users quibbled about the fact that Mr Ruto did not consider his wife as the most beautiful woman.

A Few Tweets  Railing At Mr. Ruto’s Comment

Beyond the backlash about the seemingly terrible comment, Madaraka day saw spectacular performances and well-constructed speeches.

One that was stunningly remarkable was done by a five-year-old boy from one not-so-famous Marvelstar Junior School whose poem got President Uhuru Kenyatta, and other dignitaries present at official Madaraka Day celebrations, echoing a collective wow.

ruto faces criticism

Alex Njeru, the poet who had been awarded Best Actor 2016 at the Kenya National Drama Festival, presented a poem entitled ‘Just for Love’.

The boy, with excellent command of the English Language, narrated how television has rocked the current generation to the core.

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The poem described how parents spend more hours watching television than spending time with their children when they get back home from school. It also appeals to parents to switch attention to the children rather than of being obsessed with work during the day and TV during the night, and little or no time for children.

Holding the crowd spellbound from the beginning of his narrative till its end, Alex Njeru made several references as to what is known as the situation of things in the home front of the present generation.

In the poem, he referred to today’s children as birds in the sky, which have to wake up early in the morning with no direction for the day.

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“I live like a bird, because of TV. My parents smile while watching TV, they laugh, they joke because of TV but whenever I ask for anything, I am silenced and kicked out of the house.”

He also regretted being born in the generation in which children like birds of the air are forced to shape their character on their own without any guidance.