William Ruto’s First Public Address After ICC Victory

In a press conference, Deputy President William Ruto addressed the media live for the first time since his case at International Criminal Court (ICC) for crimes against humanity was terminated.

In the address, Mr Ruto assured the public that the government would not rest until the victims of the violence, in which about 1,200 people died, received justice.

He added that the only reason the case crumbled was because they did nothing wrong.

The Deputy President further stated that he had forgiven all the ‘hateful ICC witnesses’.

Quoting William Ruto:

I have forgiven the “evil minds” behind the case brought against me at the International Criminal Court (ICC), which was dismissed earlier this week.

Surrounded by his mother, wife and daughter, he opined that those who manufactured charges to have him locked up at the ICC had ill motives, but he now holds nothing against them.

In the televised address, Mr. Ruto said:

“The allegations that were made against me were criminal acts of evil minds that schemed, connived, colluded and fabricated a case against us,”.

His offer of forgiveness to witnesses in the case is not likely to please ICC prosecutors as the prosecution revealed that its case against Mr Ruto was undermined, insisting that the witnesses received bribe and were also intimidated during trial.

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Deputy President William Ruto also express his gratitude towards his wife’s effort as well as those of his supporters who believed in him during trial. He disclosed that most of the times, he didn’t find his wife in bed at midnight as she was out praying about his ICC case.

Flanked by his wife, mother and children, Ruto told the press at his Karen home in Nairobi on Friday:

Thank you  Rachel for sneaking out to “pray fervently” for me, God was gracious to me and my family through the “torturous situation”.

I thank my kids for emotional support, encouraging me when I made trips to The Hague,”  

Mr Ruto also tweeted at the same time from his official account.

On Tuesday Presiding Judge Chile Eboe-Osuji and Judge Robert Fremr ended the case against Ruto and Sang – which started as a result of the post election violence that broke out after the 2007 elections.

They dismissed the three charges of crimes against humanity because the prosecution’s case had broken down and the evidence against the two was unsusbstantial.

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The judges made their decisions as defense applications argued that Ruto and Sang did not have a case to answer after the conclusion of the prosecution’s case.

The president, Uhuru Kenyatta has set a thanksgiving rally to be held on Saturday, April, 9 at Nakuru’s Afraha stadium in which he will lead their supporters in celebrating the termination of ICC cases against his deputy  and Joshua Sang.