Sabina Chege Wants Uhuru To Have Extra Powers

Murang’a woman representative Sabina Chege seems to have a problem with the way governors act in office as she has vowed to campaign for a bill that will bestow extra super powers to the President of Kenya.

In Sabina Chege bill, which she plans to coin herself, the president will have the right to appoint governors and senators. When emphasized on the country’s need for such law, she opined, the bill will go a long way in enhancing the accountability of appointees (governors) as they will be working in loyalty to the appointing authority – the president, and for now, President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Education also explained that she is going to seek first the opinion of Parliamentary Committee for Justice and Legal Affairs to see if  the constitution can be amended to pave way for the proposal.

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Chege made this statement in Murang’a town on Saturday, saying her reason for coming up with such an idea was because of the bossy behaviour of governors who now act like “small gods” and embezzle huge public resources at the expense of development.

“If they go through the electoral process, the electorate will also hold them accountable.”

The woman MP further said she will also seek that only professionals should be appointed to the Senate so they can give the government sound advise. She stated that the country’s Senate does not currently have a well-stipulated role because of an overlap with the national government, citing the existence of similar committees in the upper and lower Houses.

She added:

“I will propose that those elected to the Senate stay there for life or until they withdraw at free will.”

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The woman representative said the bill may take time, ruling out the possibility of being ready in the August 2017 poll due to the pressing need to consult legal expert. Sabina Chege also described MPs’ attempt to block Senators from vying for Governorship, despite intentions by many of them to do so, as being selfish.

In a report to the National Assembly, the Constitution Implementation Oversight Committee cautioned against allowing Senators to vie saying they will be distracted from their oversight role.