Remember DP Ruto’s Ex Pilot Who Assualted Police Woman? See What He’s Up To Now

DP Ruto’s ex pilot, who was facing charges for assaulting a female police officer while trying to get her to control the crowd on one of his trips with Deputy President William Ruto, has allegedly resumed work. 

Alistair Patrick Llewelyn was recently captured in pictures published by lawyer Donald B Kipkorir which he captioned “My pilot, Alistair”.

The city lawyer also in the caption disclosed that DP Ruto’s ex pilot had jetted him to a ceremony in Naivasha. But what’s more controversial is that, in the picture showing the DP Ruto Pilot posing with the lawyer, a helicopter was captured in the background and has the same registration number (5Y-DSN) as the one used by Ruto.

This goes to show that it is either the pilot was not sacked or he was called back as he is still flying for the company that claimed it has dumped him. The pilot can be seen inside the chopper and seems to be in control even though it was trumpeted that he had been kicked out of his job and prosecuted.

However, the news of his ‘call back’ didn’t make it to the public until the appearance of the pictures.

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The strange emergence of DP Ruto’s ex pilot in the picture has caused an outcry among social media users. While some suggest that it is possible they tendered justice with mercy in his case, most of Kipkorir’s followers railed at Alistair.

A user accused the upper class of looking out for each other in expense of the low class. Another described  it as impunity.

In response to people’s comment, Kipkorir wrote:

“Alistair is an excellent pilot and no rogue. Don’t always believe what the media says.”

The pilot became somewhat famous in February after he was caught in a footage that went viral, while he was brutalizing a female officer on duty. Alistair was taken into custody and was charged with causing disturbance and assault.

During his trial, many urged that he should be sent back to wherever he may have come from. It was later alleged that the pilot is a Timau man with British blood.

Following his arrest, he was freed on a bond of Sh750,000 or a Sh250,000 cash bail – after he submitted his citizenship, passport and travel documents as required by the court.

Though his prosecution continued, nobody has heard any news about DP Ruto’s ex pilot until now.

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