It is obvious that the world has been facing lots of crisis and wars. Rumours of wars are also being heard of here and there. Countless lives have been lost and lots of people have become homeless while many others are living in fear. This has also affected tourism, as many of the world tourist nations have become bedevilled by insecurity and terrorism; and as a result, many people are afraid to travel out of their safe havens. Despite all these, there are still many countries in the world that have remained safe and have never known any form of crisis, natural disaster, violence or war. Here we bring to you the 10 safest countries in the world right now.

10 Safest Countries in the World Today

1. Austria


Austria is among the countries of the world that offers the most peaceful and safest environment for travelers, tourists, and residents. Violence and crime rate in Austria has been noted to be generally low. Only petty criminal acts such as pickpocketing and the likes have been noticed in public places, especially in Vienna, Austria’s capital and largest city. Apart from the terrorist threats on Europe in general, there is no attack particularly targeted at Austria both in the past and presently. In addition to safety, Austria’s location on the Alps, its mountainous landscape and temperate climate add to the beauty and comfort offered by the Central European country.

2. Canada


Canada is regarded as an urban nation, with about 80 percent of her population dwelling in diverse and cosmopolitan cities. Canada is very friendly to immigrants hence pursues a multiculturalism policy which encourages citizens to feel free to retain their traditional values and ways of life, while holding in high esteem freedom for human rights. So far, the violence level in Canada has been low, though they stand  the risk of facing a terrorist attack due to their involvement in the Afghanistan war as well as their strong ties with the United States.

3. Sweden


For anyone that is looking forward to visiting a peaceful and safe place, Sweden is a good option. With lots of lovely sites to behold, such as the pristine lakes and forests, surrounded by a couple of beautiful cities such as Stockholm and Gothenburg, this raises the bar of Sweden above other tourist countries. The country also has respect for human rights and has no record of any serious crime.

4. Denmark


Denmark, officially the Kingdom of Denmark, is a sovereign state in Northern Europe, located south-west of Sweden, south of Norway, and bordered to the south by Germany. Because of its record of low crime rate, and regard for gender equality, Denmark has joined our list of 10 safest countries in the world.

5. Japan


Japan is one country that has loved and maintained their tradition and culture, not giving room for any form of external influence. They have also placed strict law on crimes irrespective of who is involved. You can also enjoy nature and all its beauty in Japan.