Total Amount IEBC Commissioners Will Take Home After Resigning

IEBC commissioners on Wednesday agreed to leave their offices in favour of the proposed electoral reforms from which crises have rocked the country.

The commissioners said they will leave on condition that they will receive a dignified pay deal. Now that leaves to the imagination just how dignified the amount they were talking about. Doesn’t it?

A report by Business Daily which was based on annual budget estimates that the eight Electoral commissioners will be rewarded in millions amounting to a total of KSh330 million.

This means that each of the embattled commissioner will head home with KSh36.6 million after their early exit.

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The money will covers their salaries they would have received if they had stayed in office till November 2017 and also gratuity earnings.

The six commissioners, including the IEBC chairman Issack Hassan and vice-Chairperson Lilian Bokeeye, have been rocked by the opposition who want them out of office, citing deep-rooted corruption ahead of 2017 election as their reason.

This led to countless demonstrations that later became violent as police tried to disperse the protesters. Lives and property were lost during the bloody demonstrations.

The protests targeted areas where Coalition for Reforms and Democracy (CORD) commands huge popularity, mostly in Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa, Siaya, Busia, Kakamega and some parts of Nakuru.

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On Wednesday, August 3, the commissioners gave in to pressure from Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) who had sworn to boycott 2017 general elections if they remained in office.

The eight commissioners also stated before a parliamentary committee overseeing electoral reforms in Nairobi that no charges will be initiated against them when they leave office before nodding to a political settlement.

The commissioners were employed in the year 2011 for a six-year contract but their stay had been infiltrated with controversy from the procuring of BVR kits, bribery allegations and allegations of being biased against the opposition party. Their reputation for justice has also become allegedly questionable.

The latest move by IEBC commissioners is expected to mar the next year’s elections which may be postponed due to logistic, extensive recruitment, and political interferences.