Kibaki’s Salary Is Shockingly Larger Than Those Of Uhuru And Ruto Put Together

Nobody would have thought that the salary of ex-President Mwai Kibaki is way higher than the salaries of his successor Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto put together.

Based on information obtained from Treasury documents, the ex-Commander-in-chief  takes home Sh58.82 Million in the current financial year as his personal and medical allowances. This is more than the Sh36.63 Million the President Kenyatta and Ruto are supposed to bag home the same year.

The Salary and Remuneration Commission (SRC) which President Kenyatta is entitled to is between Sh1.23 Million and Sh1.65 Million per month. This goes to show the president takes home about Sh19.8 Million every year.

And his Deputy takes home an amount ranging between Sh1.05 Million and Sh1.4 Million amounting to about Sh16.8 Million annually.

The entitlements of the ex-president don’t stop at that as it keeps increasing. However, Treasury and the Presidency are at the verge of introducing sternness into their programmes to make enough cash available for the provision of basic services and other needs basic to Kenyans.

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According to Business Daily, the amount which the country spends on Mr Kibaki’s office has jumped by Sh36.3 Million more than the Sh66.9 Million the Treasury mapped out for the former president in the financial year.

A few weeks ago, the Parliament saw through a mini-budget document that there is dramatic increase in Mr Kibaki’s benefits as it now covers his publicity budget and also the payment of temporary staff serving in his office.

A lobby group known as National Taxpayers Association has frowned at the ex-president’s enormous retirement benefits.

The group has also spoken against the mammoth change in the benefit, insisting that the increment is too much for taxpayers to meet while they can’t boast of any corresponding socio-economic gain they get from their payments.

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