Saudi Prince

What do you do when you are a Saudi Prince from one of the world’s richest families and have 80 birds to transport somewhere? You hire out the first class of an airplane.

According to a picture making rounds on the internet, a Saudi Prince hired out the first class cabin of what is thought to be a Qatar Airways flight to move 80 birds.

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The picture which was first posted on Reddit shows dozens of birds perched among passengers on the airplane. The user who posted the picture said it had been sent to him by a captain friend.

He further explained that the 80 birds had their wings tied so that they could not fly around. The birds were allocated seats and placed on plastic wrappings to avoid stains and accidents.

With further investigations, it was found out that the transportation of birds on Middle Eastern airlines is common.

Qatar Airways, in particular, allows up to six birds to be transported in economy class for a fee ranging between £90 to £500 per bird depending on the destination.

Etihad Airways also provides transportation for birds. A statement on the airline’s website says that it accepts falcons in the main aircraft cabin provided that all the necessary documents have been obtained. It also says that it accepts falcons as checked baggage.

Falcons are one of the symbols of the United Arab Emirates. The birds are eligible to have their own passports and there are special laws to prevent discrimination against them.

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It is also understood that the birds are usually transported to take part in hunts.

The photo caused a huge stir on Reddit and has moved to other social media sites. Many users are asking if the Saudi Prince did not know that birds could fly.