Ghostly Image Captured In Fatal Accident Photo

Though there are variations as to where the spirit finally rests, generally – especially as seen in the movies – when a man dies, it is believed that their spirit or soul leaves the body to some place it rests eternally. 

Often times, we have heard stories of people capturing spirits or ghostly figures on camera only to notice them after the pictures are printed. But this one shared by a man identified as Saul Vazquez – who said his father took it in an accident scene – seems to shed more light on the existence of spirit.

The Kentucky man was passing along Highway 15 in Staton, Kentucky on Tuesday afternoon when he saw the incident and decided to take photos of  the scene from the cab of his truck.

But when the snaps came out on social media after he shared a few minutes later, commenters noticed something creepy in them; a smoky or faint outline of a figure hovering over the accident scene.

The man involved in the motorcycle crash was later pronounced dead at the hospital. According to Saul Vazquez, who was reached by CNN affiliate WLEX, the photo has not been altered.

Many commenters said the photo by the father of Saul Vazquez captures the dead man’s spirit leaving his body.

Others think the smoke-like figure in the photo was the dead man’s spirit watching his lifeless body. The man has earlier referred to himself as the “dead man.”

On the other hand, the family of Charles Deadman, the 74-year-old man who died in the fatal motorcycle accident, believes the photo showing a white figure at the scene of the crash was “likely him coming back for a moment, to say goodbye to his family.”

“I believe in both ghosts and angels,” Tammy Silberberg, Deadman’s daughter, tells PEOPLE. “It’s possible it’s one of those.”

She adds,

“He was very much a family-oriented man. He was probably reaching out to his family one last time.”

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His daughter added that “If he saw the photo, I’m not sure what he would see. He believed in that sort of [otherworldly] stuff.”

Silberberg also says that Deadman, who gave himself the nickname “The Dead Man,” actually planned his own funeral arrangements so that his family didn’t have to.

“That’s the kind of person he was. He had everything set up before his death including the funeral and cemetery,” she says. “He is still taking care of us from beyond.”

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Silberberg says her father was a motorcycle enthusiast – and a Harley Owners Group member – who would bike from his hometown of Pompano Beach, Florida, to different cities around the country.

Deadman was a widower, and is survived by two children, five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. He died from multiple blunt force trauma.

Since the picture of “Deadman” surfaced on Facebook on Tuesday, it has received over 13,000 shares.