Kenya Film Classification Board has condemned the video to Sauti Sol’s newly released hit, Melanin, with features Nigerian musician Patoranking.

Chairperson of the board, Ezekiel Mutua, called the video “absolute pornography” and has further threatened to get a court injunction to stop the song form airing.

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Mutua described the video as “scatological, intellectual incapacitation and a tragedy of monumental proportions” as he expressed his deep disappointment with the band adding that they are gifted young men but are clearly running out of ideas.

“I have watched the video, the scenes are inappropriate and it’s full of nudity, obscenity and it should be saved for watershed period,” he said.

“Sauti Sol is taking the wrong direction, defying the norms and expectations of the society, they don’t know that they can still be famous without being obscene.”

Mr. Mutua said he would forward the song to experts on the board to classify it even though Sauti Sol are yet to submit it for classification.

“The elements that we look at are the frequency, intensity, nudity and obscenity and Sauti Sol’s is adult rated,” he said.

He recalled that the band has previously had a song, Nishike, banned because of the level of obscenity in it.

“Nishike was also condemned. Kenya is not a religious state but over 80% of Kenyans are conservatives. You cannot watch with your mother or your daughter that song, it is not suitable for family viewing,” he said.

He further advised that the group could do romantic songs without them having to be immoral.

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Melanin was launched on Tuesday, garnering an impressive 48,000 views just a few hours after release.

All the reviews of the song and video have been positive mostly because of its beautiful portrayal of black women.

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