Secret Valentine’s Eve Adventure Fails As Man Dies

Valentine’s Day came with lots of activities and adventure happening in different locations. Some went down as expected as many people spent the day giving a gift of love to their families, friends and lovers. Some other folks sent heart-shaped boxes and some funny, sexy and romantic cards proclaiming love.

However, in another part of Kenya things went really black.

One was a man who chopped off his genitals and nearly completely chopped off his wife’s breast. Right now, reports just came in of a man who died after playing valentine’s eve stunt.

The valentine’s eve secret adventure became disastrous when an ICT manager at Huawei named Nathaniel Lausi got involved in a drinking bout that took his life, leaving a female friend in police custody.

Police were informed that Lausi met his death following excessive alcohol indulgence and bhang inhalation with a friend on Nairobi’s Donholm estate, Buru Buru.

Lausi collapsed while basking with his secret lover in the caretaker’s flat on the top floor of the apartment block where he lived.

The 35-year-old was rushed to the Mama Lucy Hospital in Kayole after he slumped on Saturday and thereafter was confirmed dead.

Based on the statement issued by the Police, Lausi complained of chest pains shortly after 7pm, moments after the smoking and drinking.

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22 year-old Rosemary Wangari Kuria, who works at a city optician’s, was the only person with Lausi at the moment of his demise in a borrowed apartment. On that account, the police arrested her after doctors confirmed Lausi’s death.

The young woman was still in detention at the Buru Buru police station for interrogation at the time of this report

Buru Buru CID boss Jeremiah Ikiao said Lausi was with the woman more than half of the time they spent in the borrowed house.

The woman reportedly revealed Lausi had drunk five bottles of beer and smoked a roll of bhang. But police will not decide on anything as regards to setting the suspect free or making her face charges of murder until the requested postmortem report comes out, Ikoa said.

A police source revealed the woman had told officers she does not know the deceased man well, as they met only two weeks ago in the CBD.

She also hinted they had been meeting each other every evening for the two weeks and the communication officer never opened up to her about his marriage.

With regretting and frightening eyes, the woman said their meeting was supposed to be nothing but having a chat over a drink at his flat. However the man deceived and landed in the caretaker’s flat, a floor above his rented apartment where he later collapsed.

Yesterday, Lausi’s wife who went to hang out with some friends while her husband stayed home spent her valentine’s day in and out of Buru Buru police station. The caretaker is also answering questions at the police station.