Senior City Hall Official Arrested By EACC Operatives While Collecting KSh 500,000 Bribe

A senior City Hall official in the rates office was on Wednesday arrested by EACC operatives for allegedly receiving KSh 500,000 bribe from a businessman.

The official, Dennis Manoti, was arrested at Ankara hotel while he was taking the money from Taj Mall owner Ramesh Gorasia.

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The businessman and his private investigator had alerted EACC operatives after Mr. Manoti demanded money to change back the name of statements to his land.

Ramesh Gorasia, who owned a 4.2-acre piece of land on the old Mombasa road was denied statements to the land prompting him to hire an investigator.

He said:

”I have been paying land rates since I bought this property in 2009. But it reached a point where I was denied access to my statements. That is when I sensed all was not well.”

The businessman went on to provide the transfer documents showing that he bought the land from Evans Matunda for KSh 8 million before registering it under Taj Mall Limited.

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Gorasia said that after engaging the services of the investigator from the land force, it emerged that the senior City Hall official had replaced his company’s name with Sigma Ltd.

The investigator realized that Manoti had only changed the name to show that the new developer was the one who had been paying the rates.

The businessman and his investigator demanded that he correct it but Manoti demanded KSh 10 million, which was then beat down to KSh 6 million.

He also demanded a down-payment of KSh 500,000 for him to initiate the process.

”It was at this point that we alerted the EACC,” Gorasia said.

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Dennis Manoti has been released on a cash bail of KSh 100,000 and will be charged next Tuesday.

Nairobi County director of investigations, Geoffrey Kathurima said:

”These people have been giving me sleepless nights. We are working very hard to get rid of corrupt officers in this county. This is an officer from the rates department. I thank the EACC for its work. My office will continue working closely with them.”