A Mombasa man has been sentenced for shaving girl’s hair for witchcraft.

The culprit Alfan Rashid Marichin was arrested on the 19th of June for shaving a girl’s head in four areas to be taken to the native doctor.

At his court hearing on Wednesday, June, 28th Marichin pleaded guilty to the charge.

In the case overseen by Senior Principal Magistrate Lilian Tsuma Lewa, Marichin was slapped with a fine of Sh 1,000 or face one year behind bars.

“This court has taken into consideration submission by the prosecutions that the accused person be treated as a first offender. You are hereby sentenced to pay Sh 1,000 fine and should you be brought to this court for a similar offence, this court will not hesitate giving you a serious punishment,” the judge stated.

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On June 10, Marichin tricked the little girl to follow him to Tiwi in Kwale County where he shaved her hair.

Shaving Girl's Hair For Witchcraft

Prosecuting Counsel Shakwila Ayekha told the court that “He shaved the hair in four corners of the head and put it in a polythene paper before returning to Mombasa while carrying the polyethene paper.”

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The naive girl on returning home recounted the incident to her parents who were previously unaware of her trip to Tiwi. Nine days after reporting the case to the Central Police, Marichin was brought into custody.

Marichin was subjected to intense interrogation, after which he confessed that the instruction was given to him by a native doctor whom he had consulted.

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The girl’s hair was to be used to prepare for him a charm that would be able to induce fear in other people.

However, Marichin refused to reveal what drove him to visit the native doctor for such charm.

Before judgement was passed, the culprit promised that he would not engage in such diabolic plot ever again.