Sexual Exploitation Of Children – These Are The Places You Can Find Child Prostitutes In Kenya

Nobody expects to see a child in a house of prostitution or anywhere related to it, but for 17-year-old Charity, 16-year-old Martha, and 15-year old Amanda from Kenya, it is their daily business. These girls explained how prostitution has become their life because they come from poverty stricken homes, and how they walk about in search of customers who are tourists. They dropped out of school when their parents could no longer afford to pay for their education, and their friends convinced them they could make a living as sex workers. They thought they could start a new life by finding wealthy, foreign boyfriends —rather, they got the opposite.

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Charity who has lasted more than two years in the business has been forced to have group sex with tourists for no money as the white men refused to pay her and her friends for being naughty.

According to Charity (not her real name), her experience in the hands of the white men during the group sex was an agony she would rather forget. They refused to pay them for rendering the services of group sex as the white men only wanted anal sex and not virgins or immature vaginas. The tourists are said to prefer girls aged 15-17 and some of these men love to involve dogs and pay the girls up to $500 to film this.


A report by End Child Prostitution in Kenya (ECPIK) shows that more than 50,000 children are involved in different forms of child prostitution. Commercial sexual exploitation of children is predominant along the Kenyan Coast where a majority of tourism activities happen — in point of fact, most tourists who visit the coastal town of Malindi come from Italy and most of them come to get sex. According to some of the child sex slaves we spoke to, their clients are mostly Italian men between the age of 50 and 80, who come to Kenya just to prey on these vulnerable victims.


The coastal town of Malindi located in Kenya may look like a tropical haven yet it houses a hidden child sex trade. Children as young as 12 are being lured into prostitution and pornography by tourists willing to compensate them heavily in cash for sex in hidden locations.

Though some tourists come for real basking and relaxation, most of them visit this area in Kenya not only to relax at some beach or enjoying the wildlife, but specifically to look for sex — nothing else.

Charity explains how she was forced to have group sex with tourists and how bad it felt. As with any child absorbing the weight of older men in the 50s with all the sexual experience in the world, Charity said she was left exhausted after her group sex with tourists. And it looks like there is a network for peadophils where they inform one another to come down to Kenya and get sex with children. Mtwapa, a small community just outside the city centre of Mombasa is the centre of this trade where people explore sex with children and underage prostitutes who are desperately willing to trade their bodies in order to have money for food and clothing.

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You will agree with me that no child deserves to be forced into the commercial sex industry for their survival. No child should be forced to have sex with a man or more. No child should be lured into prostitution for the situation of her family. Help end child trafficking in Kenya by sharing this story to get others informed and also join Buzzkenya, Walk Free and Child Aid Organization Kenya  (a non-profit organization registered in Kenya in 2008 which runs at the national level in the areas of Child Sexual Abuse Prevention (CSA), Children & Human Rights Training, and Advocacy work so as to end the sexual abuse of children of any kind) in calling on the Kenyan government to declare zero tolerance of commercial sexual exploitation of children, supported by regular monitoring and law enforcement.

We need to end the sexual abuse of children in its entire forms in Kenya. Please help share this story!