Wife Of Sh20 Million Jackpot Winner Returns To Him – Gets This Shocker

Wiston Churchill once said that Success is ability to go from failure to failure without the loss of enthusiasm. Today, we bring you a real life story of that saying in the person of the Sh20 Million Jackpot Winner, Mr Joseph Onywera, who didn’t give up despite struggling and living in rags.

He kept on betting and even used his last dime on it when lady luck smiled at him.

Mr Joseph Onywera’s wife of many years dumped him. But then, when she heard of his victory, she returned to lick her ex-husband’s boot so he would let her in again.

Appalled at her, the man chased her out of his compound. Mr Onywera says his wife Ms Anyango left him in 2010 for being unable to provide for the family but returned upon hearing  about the robust money he had scooped.

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Narrating the story to the media, he said he wondered when he saw her come into his compound given that she sworn never to come back till his death. He ordered her out of his house, asking her to only return after his death.

The 62-year old lamented that his wife, who is believed to be married to another man in Tanzania, never looked for him even when he lost both of his parents.

He added that countless incidents that would attract her attention have happened but she never came back after she left. Mr Onywera said:

“My mother died but she did not turn up for her burial. My father also died and I had an accident, but she did not bother to check on us.”

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The woman, however is asking for a second chance. She has told her husband to consider the result of their marriage – their children- and accept her. But the jackpot winner has now decided to get a new wife – a woman he claims stood by his side while he struggled.

The 62-year-old man, who hails from Kisumu County, won the Betway Company jackpot in early June after he foretold the result of all the 13 football matches correctly.

Mr Onywera has used the money to construct a new house which is still under construction. He also bought two new plots that he intends to develop.

In his village, he is not only the latest millionaire but practically a “private developer” as some of his village mates now call him.