Shocking: Video Of What Donald Trump Did 9 Years Ago At Wrestlemania 23

Donald Trump has continued his winning streaks, taking Arizona. And while the issue of immigration seems ominously close, people have started to dig into Trump’s past record. This is where the video of what he did 9 years ago comes in.

As we already know, Donald Trump, who is running as the Republican Presidential Candidate of the United States, is usually called a loud mouth politician. But nobody knew he has some wrestling skills hidden behind his billionaire suit.

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In the video dug out by both his supporters and his haters, Donald Trump is seen humiliating the former WWE chairman, Vince McMahon at Wrestlemania 23, 9 years ago with the help of Stonecold Steve Austin and Lashley. He could be seen stepping up in a victorious display after he succeeded in roughing up the former chairman – a mood many have suggested would be the case when he finally bags the American president title.

Watch The Video Below:

Though the video seems amusing, it brings a critical insight of who Donald Trump actually is; a self-expressive man who care less about how anybody feels as long as he thinks he is doing the right thing.

Though called many names, most times the politician tells the truth but in a bitter and wrecking way.

Due to his straight talks, many celebrities have promised to leave America with one saying he would enter a rocket and jet to an isolated planet since this one has become bonkers to bestow such a man world leader.

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Donald Trump is known as a steady winner. He is hardly described as a loser. While we hope he is going to make history for himself for the first time by limping out of the race, the politician has come out victorious in a number of states and is leading in plenty of others.

Hence, the emergence of the video goes to show he might probably lead America in time to come.

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