Skinny Girl Quits Modeling After She Was Labeled ‘Too Fat’

Loving high-end fashion and having the looks to ‘slay’ in an outfit are no longer the requirements meant for aspiring fashion models.

The high-end fashion model industry is difficult for young girls who are yet to find their confidence and identity.

Factors you do not have control over like height, weight, and or ethnicity determines your success, as this Brazilian model cruelly found out.

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Delleny Mourao revealed that she has quit the fashion industry after her manager described her 50 kilos body as ‘too fat’ and not measuring up.

Delleny, originally from Fortaleza, moved to Sao Paulo in a bid to land better gigs in modeling. She said she was made to live in a flat with 22 other models where they shared one bathroom.

The twenty-year-old, while witnessing what other girls had to go through to make it big in the business, became depressed and developed health problems such as anaemia and fatigue.

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Fellow young aspiring models would put their health second to their ambition by not eating to meet the demands of talent managers.

“I saw girls going to supermarkets for food samples and that was basically their lunch. I saw booking agents giving models laxatives, and on other occasions, I saw girls fainting for not eating.”

High-End Fashion

Delleny was not willing to go to the extremes to meet her manager’s demands who considered her too fat. She revealed through a social media post that her agency canceled her contract because she “didn’t meet the measurements” they demanded.

”In my images, one can see clearly that I was and still am a very skinny person. I weigh almost 50 kilos,” she lamented.

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The dangerous sacrifices and demands of the high-end fashion industry are sometimes too heavy for these young girls in the pursuit of stardom. Being skinny does not mean healthy and losing weight excessively can lead to health problems.