Video: Soccer Match Turns Ugly After A Player Shoots And Kills Referee For Red Card

An Argentina match turned red and ended in a shockingly sad way when the referee issued a younger player a red card for a foul he committed and was hit by bullets moments later. In a quite unusually anger, a furious attacker pulls out a gun, shot and killed the referee for his actions.

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The player, who fled the scene and is yet to be captured by the police, didn’t just shoot the referee, he also shot another player, aged 25, in the chest but the shot player didn’t die.

The tragic incident took place yesterday in an Argentina match at Córdoba district of Argentina.

According to Argentina’s Police, the man who is at large and is being sought for the lethal shooting hid the gun in his backpack and ran on to the pitch as the game was continuing.

Standing a little distance away from the referee, the attacker shot the referee three times in the head, chest and neck.

The murdered referee has been identified as César Flores, who was 48-year-old before he met his death doing he loved. The other player severely wounded has been named Walter Zárateand. He was rushed to hospital but is reportedly out of danger.

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The attacker was apparently sent off for flooring an opponent during the game

It all happened during the match,” said a police spokesman. “We don’t know what happened with the referee but the player was angry and went to get his gun and killed him.