Remember Sonko’s Bodyguard? Police Have Killed His Murderers, Recovered His Gun – Check This Out

Some thugs were killed after engaging the police in a shootout along Mombasa Road on Thursday morning. Police found that the thugs used Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko bodyguard’s gun in the gun battle.

Authorities say one of the Ceska pistols that were retrieved from the four gangsters belonged to Bakari Tsuma, who was murdered in an attack in Kasarani estate four months ago.

Mr Tsuma was killed in March as he was returning home after escorting the Senator on one of the politician’s trips. After murdering the bodyguard, the attackers took his gun away.

Officers with knowledge of the incident alleged that police have identified the two gunmen who had attacked the bodyguard, and they dead now, having been shot and killed during the gun battle on Thursday.

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However, they are yet to track down the sources of the second pistol.

According to Kikuyu DCI boss Aden Ahmed, the suspects, have been on police “wanted” list for countless criminal cases around Thogoto area, where they hailed from.

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One of the vicious suspects, named Kennedy Kinyanjui, was on the run after killing his aunt in June, while a good number of his family members including his mother, sister and brother had pending cases in court.

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Some skilled officers from the Special Crime Unit shot the four at Cabanas area after an intense shootout that broke out following fierce police pursuit in Kiambu.

Also, after the shootout, police recovered 24 rounds of ammunition from the dead suspects.

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Elsewhere, two robbers were killed along Muringa Road in Kilimani. Police recovered two guns, a laptop, and four mobile phones afterwards from the robbers.

According to a senior officer privy to the case, one of the guns which the police recovered from the robbers had been stolen from a lawyer in Kikuyu.