Listen To Senator Mike Sonko Trade Insults With Businessman Over Demolished Westlands House

Following the demolition of a Westlands house by Francis Nyaga Njeru on Sunday, an audio tape has leaked, capturing Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko telling the businessman off.

A group of armed men, accompanied by the businessman and a bulldozer, were said to have forcefully evicted a Kurji family from their house.

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Speaking to the media, Jameeta Kurji said her family had owned the piece of land since 1972. Her father, Nazmudin and his brother, Sadrudin, had built two houses separated by a wall where they have lived up till this day.

She said:

“Since the death of Sadrudin, the house was occupied by my father, Nazmudin, and mother Parin, and my other sibling.”

The family said they only managed to salvage a few items before the bulldozer flattened their home. The businessman, on the other hand, claims to have applied for the lease of the property in 2008.

Police in Nairobi arrested the businessman for malicious damage of property as the National Lands Commission launches investigations to establish ownership of the disputed property.

Westlands House

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Senator Mike Sonko, meanwhile, delivered his ruling on the case, calling the businessman to reprimand him for his actions.

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The recorded phone conversation captures Senator Sonko blasting Francis Nyaga Njeru for demolishing the house of the helpless Kurji family.

According to Sonko, Nyaga had no right to bring down the Westlands house because the land in contention did not belong to him.

He called him ‘mwizi’ severally before the businessman got angry, leading to an exchange of insults.

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Listen To The Audio Below